Out of Space…

A good excuse for a good Beer

A good excuse for a good Beer

I have feared this moment; because I think that good things should go on for ever… 😉 But I have only a couple of MB’s left on this ‘free blog’. So I have set up a second one:


So all you friends out there, may I invite you to hit this link to ‘harrie nijland 2’; hit the follow button once more; and then we have another 3 GB to go…

Thanks for being around here; all the Likes and Comments! Cheers! See you.

  1. Congratulations! Not fun to start a new blog, but it’s for all the right reasons. I’ll happily follow the new one.

  2. Sorry you’re out of space but I jumped to the new “2” and I’m following. Don’t want to miss out. I don’t see a comment on the “2”. It’s got to be there somewhere. The colors deserve high praise.

  3. Can’t leave comments or likes on your new blog, Harrie?
    Can’t blow up the pictures either?
    I’m hoping you’re working on that…

  4. mdw said:

    Have you checked your uploaded images.
    My wordpress app uploads every shot twice or more therefore filling up the alloted space faster.
    Its a pain but you can delete the duplicates and get space back.
    Not sure if this is a glitch or intentional…

    • I do a post almost every day; and with these travel-posts I upload around 15 photo’s for a post, so after 3,5 years that’s 3 GB… It wasn’t a goal… 🙂

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