Malaysia with Friends prt2

My Friend Björn

My Friend Björn

This is Björn. One of my very best friends and the main trigger for me to visit Malaysia. We first met somewhere in the beginning of this century, when he came working in the architect office I already was working in. Somehow we got connected; but our friendship really got a boost when we went out shooting together in august 2005. Crawling around in a dried-out mudhole; shooting cracked clay; weird trash and fish-corpses truly brings people together. (my best shot of that day: ‘Waiting for Water’) Shooting together became a serious thing; ending the day with debating the shots we took over some delicate beers. When greed made the financial world collapse, his friend Lindsey and he finally left the Netherlands for better opportunities in Kuala Lumpur… Best thing: they really like it out there. Especially the food. On the table my very first Malaysian dish. I could fill the plate with whatever I liked and then they ‘judged’ how much I had to pay… Very strange for a Dutchman. It was around €2,50; which is extremely cheap; and it tasted very good!

  1. ‘When greed made the financial world collapse’ – I like this very much….and the food looks wonderful:)

  2. Bjorn said:

    This is a very nicely written story of our friendship; one that I hope will have many more chapters.

    • Thanks buddy! There’s a dutch ‘boozers-song’ that, freely translated, goes like this: “And in heaven there’s no beer; that’s why we drink it here”… And we know the secrets behind ‘no beer’… So, endless chapters to go… 🙂 Cheers!

  3. What a fantastic thing to do, visiting your friend far away. Björn is such a great guy and I had the privilege to see him a couple of times.

    • Yes, we had a very good time. He told me that the two of you did some shooting once; that’s why I started following your blog. Groet, harrie.

      • It was four times I guess. If you see him doe hem de groeten 🙂 Nice thing too is that my son’s name is Björn and my daughter’s name is Lindsay. Funny oddness.

  4. Grappig, wist niet dat je hier zat, en eerste maaltijd banana leaf met ´limau ais´, top!

    • Hoi Ron. Ben al weer thuis, helaas; 2 weekjes maar. Laatste kans want de vrienden gaan vertrekken naar Canada. Ik heb nog overwogen om contact met je op te nemen voor een eventuele ontmoeting; maar het programma zat al zo vol dat dat niet echt reëel leek. Prima naar de zin gehad! De foto’s komen wel langs 🙂 Groet!

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