Malaysia with Friends prt1



It was a dreary, grey day, on January the 11th. Within an hour I would be in that plane for a straight flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. 13 Hours and 20 minutes… brrrr. I left the queue for a moment, to give my departure some colour by shooting through the glass of a triangular aquarium.

  1. This was really a long flight. But your photo is great. It shows so many differences. Great!

  2. Bjorn said:

    I suspect there will he a lot of parts. I’m looking forward to them all, my friend.

    • Hey Bjorn; I have a little more than 2500 shots imported in LR; so a lot of parts to come… Have fun! Cheers my friend.

  3. ah, i’m already relishing at the thought of what is certainly to come… thanks Harrie… for sharing…

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