1. what you see in nature, I’ll will never see through my pen.

    • Thank you, Kari. (Peat moor on a foggy day, just down Veenhuizen on the border of Drenthe and Friesland; it’s protected nature now; great to bike around).

  2. Jag said:

    Just wonderful, Harrie!

  3. Everything is soft.
    The light is perfect. And the grays are absolutely… glamourous.

    • There was a fog hanging around all day and the light gets glorious-melancholic when the sun tries to push through, but can’t…

  4. nannus said:

    We have the same type of landscape in parts of northern Germany. I love it. Feels like home. 🙂

    • Hi, Nannus. I remember one of your former comments on the heathlands in the middle-east of my country. Some parts of our countries are really familiar. In the Netherlands these are the best parts we have left; in your country there is more variety and you have a lot more space to let it grow. Enjoy; and thanks for commenting.

  5. Malin Ellisdotter H said:

    A dream in black and white. I like the softness in it, it reminds me of a dream I had the other night.

      • Malin Ellisdotter H said:

        It was…

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