Tercui 2015 prt10 ‘Big Tree’

'Big Tree'

‘Big Tree’

Last year I showed  ‘The Oak-Tree from Tercui‘  This year I gave her a name: ‘Big Tree’; familiar to my other tree-friend ‘Little Tree’, from a couple of days ago. ‘Big Tree’ is old. Parts of her are dead already; while other parts still have leafs to catch the warm light of the Sun.

'Big Tree' prt2

‘Big Tree’ prt2

'Big Tree' prt3

‘Big Tree’ prt3

'Big Tree' prt4

‘Big Tree’ prt4

'Big Tree' prt5

‘Big Tree’ prt5

'Big Tree' prt6

‘Big Tree’ prt6

'Big Tree' prt7

‘Big Tree’ prt7

'Big Tree' prt8

‘Big Tree’ prt8

  1. You spoil me, my dear, rare trees which have survived the centuries, you feel very small and certainly not flash, will not set it on fire … !!!

      • Sometimes they are the gods of lightning that decide, the man can not help, we must bow … !!!

        • Actually there was a huge thunder and lightning one of the last nights; they spared the tree.. 🙂

  2. Truels said:

    Amazing photos – is it the same tree?

  3. Björn said:

    The third photo is sensational my friend; one of your finest.

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