Tercui 2015 prt5 ‘Little Tree’

Little Tree prt1

Little Tree prt1

Last year I introduced my friend ‘Little Tree‘. It’s still going strong and on top of things.

Little Tree prt2

Little Tree prt2

Little Tree prt3

Little Tree prt3

Little Tree prt4

Little Tree prt4

  1. If one day the tree dies, it is the whole mountain collapses, man is well, cut off his head and he collapses, only the duck continuous jog … !!!

  2. Wow, I’m grateful that you noticed him… last year and this year… he’s beautiful…

    • Actually I also have some shots of Little Tree from 2013; but that was our first meeting and I did not put him in a blog-post. 🙂 After that first time I thought the soil between his roots would slowly wash away; but he’s still holding on quite strong up there.

  3. Björn said:

    Beautiful series, my friend. They’re all good, but the third one is a remarkable illusion, giving the impression of a crown soaring above an immense trunk.

    • Thanks, Amigo. I also like the 2nd shot because ‘we were watching the landscape together’… 🙂

  4. Malin Ellisdotter H said:


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