Mexico from Slides | Solo prt29: “Say Cheese”

"Say Cheese"

“Say Cheese”

(Tomorrow we go to Spain for 2 weeks; no WiFi… Have a fine holiday and thanks for following; see you!)

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)

  1. Have a good one harrie
    Can’t wait to see the pixs

  2. Bon Voyage and this “Say cheese” is really funny. 🙂

  3. Marso said:

    No WiFi, but you still have your camera! Bon voyage!

    • There is a Dutch saying that says: “Gelukkig hebben we de foto’s nog”. (fortunately we still have the photo’s). Bit cynical remark about something that got lost in an awkward or stupid way.. And thanks, Marso; have a good time!

  4. So good to hear your back
    I was wondering about you and your trip
    Lots of interesting photos I hope
    As always Sheldon

    • 🙂 Be prepared; I started yesterday. Good to see you, Sheldon.

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