“For the times they are a-changin”

“For the times they are a-changin” prt1

I have mixed feelings about this. It’s a revived crane on the former dock-yard NDSM. They revived it with a hotel. The Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel. It has three suites in the top of the crane; reachable by elevator. The suites are named: Mystique, Secret and Free Spirit and they look like this: http://www.faralda.com/en/design-suites The price for a suite is €435,- for one night. On top of the hotel, in the open air, is a Spa-pool, which you can enjoy for €45,- per 1,5 hours. Great view over the city of Amsterdam; “the crane slowly turns in the wind”. For another €85,- you can make kind a Bungee Jump with a swing of at least 90 metres. On 13 meters there is the Faralda Dutchview Studio Amsterdam, which you can use for €1.425,- a day.
I have mixed feelings about this extraordinary project because on the one hand, as a former architectural designer, I like the architectural challenge and the way they treated it. The hard colours in contrast with the grey structure looks good. I would have liked it even better when they had left the structure in its rusty, former state; but that probably was not safe enough for containing people. On the other hand I liked the old, rusty power, covered with graffiti as high as people had dared to climb. When I first met the crane in 2009 it looked like this.

“For the times they are a-changin” prt2

For me this was the icon of the place. On the one hand it referred to the dock-yard-life and on the other hand the graffiti was symbolic for the free spirits that had taken over the abandoned dock. May be this hotel is just an other chapter in the life of the crane; and it probably would not have survived the elements much longer without a restoration-update; but for me, too much rust and graffiti is wiped out.  So, my icon is suffering from amnesia now. And the approach is a bit too modern-baroque for me; almost decadent. But maybe I’m getting too old for this world… 😉

“For the times they are a-changin” prt3

Main entrance, leading to a small reception.

“For the times they are a-changin” prt4

“For the times they are a-changin” prt5

“For the times they are a-changin” prt6

“For the times they are a-changin” prt7

  1. Like both the Dylan reference and this series of shots / a great perspective.

  2. I’m impressed with this. I like to support the reuse/recycle ideology and this looks like a clever ambition. I just wonder how popular it is and if it can support itself.

    • It was bought for €1,- and it would not have survived much longer. A collaboration of investors/stake-holders made this metamorphose possible and on the site it says: “There’s a high global interest for all of the 3 suites”. So, I don’t know if it can support itself; I have not seen anyone bungee-jump so far. See you, Ken.

  3. Maybe I’m getting to old for this world,I like that line maybe that should be the title for the post,that one will stick with me today maybe there is something there

  4. I would so do this. Awesome! Thanks for telling us about this.

  5. One of the best words for this might be… incredible… !

  6. Hmm. I have mixed feelings too. I find it aesthetically quite ugly. But I like the concept. Yes, I think I see it as an ugly piece of art!

  7. Björn said:

    With this magnitude of change, the free spirits will move elsewhere, if they haven’t done so already. This is a great set of photos my friend, but the one from 2009 is my favourite. Looks like the original, dilapidated and graffiti encrusted structure inspired you more 😉

    Here’s another idea to enhance the crane’s profitability: charge 29 Euros to photograph it and hire roving security guards to enforce the policy.

    • 😀 Thanks, Amigo. … and a cabin with ME-forces, just in case…

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