1. Malin H said:

    As I said yesterday, I really love this series. And great to see an opening in this one. Wonderful palette of colors!

    • Hey, Malin. This is a silghtly wider view; prt1 and prt3 are partly in this one. I wanted to see how the opening worked in a merely 2D image. Well, it draws the image a bit towards the ‘real world’; and appeals less to the imagination. It kind of ‘awakens the dreamer from it’s dream’… Pretty abrupt. 🙂

  2. nivs24 said:

    I saw a truck pass by yesterday. One with blue rusted paint. I thought of your posts. Matter of fact, it was the same pattern you just posted 🙂

  3. Your work is beautiful – I’m going to take a look around now. Thank you for the follow

    • And I quickly realized I’ve been here before…life busyness has taken me away from seeing what you and the other people I follow are doing. One of these days things will slow down…

      • Thanks. I found out that I was following your blog; but, for inexplicable reasons, got ‘unfollowed’. Well, we’re back 🙂 See you!

  4. Your rusty steel series ist great!!!! Have a happy day. 😀

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