1. Malin H said:

    The title of your post (and your image) reminds me of the Ingmar Bergman movie “Wild Strawberries”. You can see a clip (the scene can be seen 2.05 in this clip) from the movie in this link.
    I got really scared when I saw this movie when I was younger and it still freaks me out…

    Great post, Harrie and as I said before( you really have an eye for details.

    • Thanks, Malin. Really spooky fragment; somehow this has more impact than nowadays ‘to-far-away-from-life’ computer animations.

  2. Malin H said:

    Comment no 2:
    Your image also reminds me of the painting by Edvard Munch – The scream.

    And I found an interesting text, the meaning of a faceless person in dreaming/dreams;

    To see a faceless figure or person in your dream indicates that you are still searching for your own identity and finding out who you are. Perhaps you are unsure of how to read people and their emotions. Therefore, you are expressing a desire to know and understand these people on a deeper level.

  3. Bjorn said:

    Look familiar somehow, my friend 🙂
    I like the overlaid patterns of the “hair” and the “waves.”

    • From our last day on the beach and around the harbour of Scheveningen; on the frontside of a skateboard-track, Great day that was; miss those days.

  4. Jag said:

    Great, but I see a finger.

    • Whatever you see in it is is fine with me. If you wouldn’t see anything I would start to worry about the shot… 🙂 Thanks, Jag.

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