The Blue Bridge prt2

The Blue Bridge prt2

The Blue Bridge prt2

I can see this bridge from the windows of my house. Sometimes I need some fresh air and go out for a walk late at night. This shot was taken around 00:30. It’s a well designed bridge. The form of the main construction beams is based on a ship. Where less carrying capacity is needed, the concrete gets thinner. I like the logic behind that and it gives the bridge some grace. When it gets dark; and the blue spots switch on, it gets even better. Blue is the colour of the sky and it makes the bridge look less heavy; as if it floats. Looking at it makes me calm. The blue spotlights in the dark make it hard to photograph and when I need some fresh air I never take a tri-pod…

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)

  1. Malin H said:

    I love the blue… And it must be wonderful to have such a view from your window. Nice work and the bridge is really beautiful. Cheers and enjoy your weekend, Harrie!

    • It was there for years; and then, one night it became something special when I sat down on a stairs by the water and watched it for a while. Cheers!.

  2. What a lovely views you have. Beautiful shape, soft and soothing color. Nicely photographed.
    I wish I would venture out 00.30 and take a walk.

    • Thank you, Antonia. By day it’s the usual grey concrete, but still OK.

  3. It is has its been said,it’s also great inspiration to have at your window to be able to go out and communicate with this wonder I can’t imagine what an affect it has on you
    Great post Harrie
    Have a great weekend

    • This shot was taken from a stairs that leads to the water. Thanks and a nice weekend as well.

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