• Thanks. (The reflected movie-image looks to be taken in Parc Guell in Barcelona; but I’m not sure.)

  1. Great picture. I like it when a lot of things that melts together. And to do it with the camera, not in photoshop.

  2. I love how the reflection is making a photo in a photo giving a texture and a feel, great work

      • Harrie I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award/nominee I put you up for one of my nominees, so now the ball is your hands, come on guy you have been with me since day one I’ve learned a lot photographer from you
        As always sheldon

        • Congratz with your nomination, Sheldon! And thanks a lot for nominating me, which shows your appreciation for my work and your friendship. But now comes the hard part: I don’t want to get involved in this nomination-thing. I like to put my energy in my photo’s and post’s; and in following the work of fellow-bloggers that I appreciate and follow. That takes more than enough time. So, I hope you can understand this and won’t feel insulted in any way. See you, my friend.

  3. vastlycurious.com said:

    It’s spooky!

  4. Malin H said:

    This one is a special one… different worlds.
    Excellent work.

    • Thank you, Cybele! It’s a single shot with a reflection of a movie-image.

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