After the Thrill is Gone

After the thrill is gone

After the thrill is gone

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)

  1. Malin H said:

    Same dances in the same old shoes
    You get too careful with the steps you choose
    you don’t care about winning but you don’t want to lose…

    And a lot of symbolism in this one too, Harrie.

      • Malin H said:

        Not sure what you mean with ‘see 2nd page’. Your first answer on my comment is gone, you wrote something with favourite lines. When I try to reply it says ‘error loading the post’.

      • Malin H said:

        Now I know what you mean… ๐Ÿ™‚ I read it now.

        • (I got your comment on both pages; never mind it’s OK now) ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Malin H said:


  2. It a beautiful picture harrie the colors are magnificent and the subject matter is breathtaking. Great work

    • Thanks, Sheldon. (This shot was beyond the brain; kind of gift; happens sometimes, a secret, little magic ‘with a little help from my friends’…)

  3. Martin Beekman said:

    goeie titel deze

    • Hey Martin! Ik liep hier vroeger altijd met Jahro, de hond van m’n ouders. Het bospad is een metertje of drie vier in de grond gesleten; dus ik keek van onder tegen die paaltjes aan. En toen was er zo’n bijzonder, zeldzaam momentje waarop alles lijkt te passen zonder dat het allemaal onder bewuste, rationele controle is. Twee geรฏsoleerde silhouet-paaltjes; verbonden door prikkeldraad; geen perspectief en afnemend licht. Dan komen The Eagles vanzelf opborrelen… Adios!

  4. …something happen…still half the sky is blue… (…smiling…)

  5. With your title and the two posts almost touching but seemingly being pulled apart, this looks to me like the fading of a long relationship.
    And it’s visually beautiful, too. Bravo, Harrie!

  6. I don’t see the end of the relationship but the beautiful space between the poles ;O)

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