Revisited prt1

Revisited prt1

Revisited prt1

In my blog-history I did several posts on the NDSM-dockyard in Amsterdam North (to get an idea, click HERE). Sometimes I meet ‘old friends’; things I photographed before. They might be totally different, or replaced; but the one of today’s post looked pretty much the same. Our first meeting was in June 2013 en then it looked like THIS (and the next 3 posts).

Revisited prt2

Revisited prt2

  1. Bjorn said:

    Good times 🙂
    Revisiting is good; you literally see things in a new light and maybe even things you missed the first time ’round.

    • That’s true. And places somehow become part of you. I recognize shots from Iceland or Ladakh (and NDSM probably as well) in a split second when they appear in the Reader. Good times; good company! 🙂

  2. I love the stark of the structure around the colors of the squares. Great stuff Harrie

    • Thanks, Graham. I can’t get rid of the feeling that it’s folded… 🙂

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