1. Malin H said:

    I say: There’s a lot to see in this one…

  2. Paula said:

    Water and rocks nicely composed and shot. You don’t do weekly photo challenges?

    • Thank you, Paula. No; never did; but it’s not a principal matter; probably because I’m an a-social, pig-headed individual 😉

      • Paula said:

        Glad to have met you then – I like a-social individuals 😀

          • Paula said:

            😆 do you like people that watch pooping pigeons, too? I have one of those as well 😀

          • Oh no, I’m only in it for the mating … 😀

  3. I wonder where is this land of water and stones, love the eye you drop on it ;O)

    • It’s in the north of Spain; just underneath the Pyrenees; just on right side of the N230. Thanks for the compliment.

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