1. gorgeous.. and made even better because of the specular highlights

  2. Very beautiful
    water is indeed living creature

    • Stunning; an underwater-river. At first I thought I was Photoshop-tricked; especially with the fisherman. But that was probably a joke. (I once swam in a cenote in Yucatan. A huge cave with a hole in the ‘roof’, where the rain came pouring in; as if it was a big shower. And I remember black fishes in the blue water. Exciting experience.) Thanks for the link.

      • Cenote in Yucatan ,looks like a fascinating place . It is Mayan sacred place?
        Here on island Biševo there is also few interesting caves. One has an opening under the sea which make an effect of very intensive blue color . When you swim inside skin seem to be of silver color , fishes also look contrasting black it is also very beautiful but turisticaly overloaded.

        • There was a story that the cenote was used for human sacrifices by the Maya’s. The sacrificed people were thrown in the cave through the hole. I haven’t seen any bones.. 😉

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