Tercui 2014 prt38: Down in the Barranco of Espills

Touch Bottom

Touch Bottom

After a steep downhill over rocks and through tough, thorny bushes, I reached the bottom of the Barranco of Espills. I was glad to feel the fresh water through my hands. I had forgotten my cap so I tied a wet shirt around my head, to keep the brains cool. And then I started to walk with the water.

Clear and Fresh

Clear and Fresh

Diamonds you can't Take

Diamonds you can’t Take

  1. Most gladly I would comment each photo by now, they are so beautiful !
    but I will refrain

  2. Jag said:

    Beautiful! Cool to walk in the water!

  3. Bjorn said:

    The last two images form a great pair: the intimate shot of the water rushing towards you and the anonymous abstract. Normally tilting screens are great or framing images low to the ground, but not vertical ones. I suspect you got a little wet composing this one, but it was worth it šŸ™‚

    • šŸ™‚ I started with the tilting screen; but then I thought it would be better in a vertical frame. Then I trial-and-errored, without looking, towards the shot I wanted. Cheers, Amigo!

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