Tercui 2014 prt4: WoodArt

WoodArt prt1

WoodArt prt1

Last year I posted some WoodArt already; here a few shots from another one. I love the light-shadow-play.

WoodArt prt2

WoodArt prt2

WoodArt prt3

WoodArt prt3

WoodArt prt4

WoodArt prt4

WoodArt prt5

WoodArt prt5

  1. nannus said:

    My first association after looking at it for maybe just a few milliseconds was: Angkor Wat 🙂

    • The creator will be quite pleased with this association (and the photographer as well). Thanks, Nannus.

      • nannus said:

        I think what I had in mind was something like this: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Angkorwat(rear).JPG 🙂

        • I understood your association quite well; it can be seen as a very basic summary of Angkor Wat.

  2. Bjorn said:

    Great set my friend; I love the fragmented landscape in parts 3 and 4.

    • Thanks, Amigo! Prt4 is my fav.; it’s the most abstract one. See you.

  3. Like Bjorn I especially like part 3. It looks as if the world is trying to burst through a latticework dam of dead wood… very striking image!

  4. Rondje said:

    Very nice art and you´ve done a great job in documenting! So much creation…

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