1. Malin H said:

    I say: Interesting… I really like the “black dots” and the form in this one.

    Is it a bird… is it a plane? 😉

    • I say: Noooooooooooooooooooooo! It is definitely: The Twister!! 🙂 Amazing how some songs, that never were part of your record collection; that you never really liked, are stored in some memory-brain-cells. And no matter how much you smoke or drink; they will always be there; always! 😀

      • Malin H said:

        I say: Hahahaha… Lets twist, Harrie 😉


        • 😀 Thank you!! I have twisted my ass off .. Now it is definitely in-erasable. Cheers!

          • Malin H said:

            Hahaha… my pleasure, Harrie… my pleasure 😉 I hope you got yourself a good night’s sleep.

          • I say: Well …; actually …; I’ve been twisting around the house all night! 😀

          • Malin H said:

            I say: I thought so… ;D

  2. This could easily qualify as the ‘assassination of pictorial photography’ in Joan Miro style! keep going and thanks for your generous likes on my posts 🙂

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