1. Bonjour Harrie,

    I have a question (sorry to pass by one of your post to ask it, but I didn’t found an email to reach you) I just want to know if you would feel comfortable if I wrote a song based a bit loosely on the Ship of fools anecdote that you shared with me today?

    Of course, I would not take your own words!! Just do a song inspired a bit loosely by this anecdote. I prefer to ask, because I don’t want you to feel utilized or something. The thing is that I took my acoustic guitar and instantly came up with an interestingly smooth and a bit bluesy acoustic vibe that would fit well with such a concept, I think. You tell me?

    I could give you credits for inspiration; or not, if you prefer?

    (And nice new series of graffiti photos, by the way)

    • Feel free to do whatever you like (we’re on the same side 🙂 ) I like it that my little anecdote inspired you to a song. Would like to hear it some time. And if you get stone-rich with it, you might as well invite me for a few drinks! 🙂 Keep going.

      • Well, stone-rich? I don’t know this expression… Is it to get rich like Keith Richards or what?

        Pfff. Easy. Just give me half a century or two. 😉

        I’ll let you know when I’ll record a rough version.

        (Oh, by the way… I only do rough versions!)


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