India from Slides prt19: Of Shiva and the Bull

Waiting Nandi

Waiting Nandi | digitized from slide

“Do you know why that bull is lying there”, somebody asked. I didn’t. “Long ago, Shiva and his Nandi (bull) were on a long, lonely travel. After many days Shiva got so horny that he did the bull an indecent proposal: ‘I’m in a desperate need; if I can have sex with you right now; I will help you out any time in the future when the needs are the other way around’. The bull agreed and offered his services. Many years later, while they were on a journey once more, the bull had his hard time and he reminded Shiva of their appointment. But Shiva ran off as fast as he could. And that’s why Nandi is lying in front the Shiva-temple, waiting, waiting till promises are full-filled.” We had a good laugh.

Simple Symbol

Simple Symbol | digitized from slide

Closed Doors

Closed Doors | digitized from slide

The Funny Face

The Funny Face | digitized from slide

A Touch of Light

A Touch of Light | digitized from slide


Cubism | digitized from slide


Sacre | digitized from slide

The white Wall with the black Holes

The white Wall with the black Holes | digitized from slide

Chopped off

Chopped off | digitized from slide

  1. Amariasu said:

    That was an interesting story πŸ™‚

  2. Malin H said:

    I say: Oh… I feel for Nandi. This is an Interesting, but sad story.
    Lovely images, Harrie… and thanks for sharing both them and the story.

    Ps Never trust anyone that’s so horny… πŸ˜‰

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