India from Slides prt13: In the Junkfood Restaurant


Waiting | digitized from slide

When we got hungry we decided to go for some ‘junk-food’. On the street was a huge kettle with little, one-bite, fried, crunchy balls floating around. You were supposed to take one out; eat it; take another one and count how many you ate for the payment. They costed almost nothing. It was quite busy around the kettle and before I could catch one, we were kindly invited inside. We got the special treatment. Inside was a small corridor with a few wooden benches. After a while a nice lady served us a plate with three crunchy balls; some salad and some delicious sauce. Unfortunately I only took some shots from the special atmosphere in the little corridor, but believe me I’ve never had so much fine taste for so little money.

The Gods and the Fan

The Gods and the Fan | digitized from slide


Distance | digitized from slide

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