India from Slides prt6: In and around Mysore

Waiting for the Bus

Waiting for the Bus | digitized from slide

To get somewhere, most of the time we took the motorbike from the Alpha Centauri-farm to the little village; and from there a bus to Mysore. Sometimes we drove around the countryside and they showed me some interesting places and friends. Everything was new to me and I enjoyed the simplicity of daily life.

The small Bus

The small Bus | digitized from slide


Inside | digitized from slide


Dreamland | digitized from slide

In front of the House of Garments

In front of the House of Garments | digitized from slide

Searching for Slippers

Searching for Slippers| digitized from slide

Father and Son

Father and Son | digitized from slide

Kitchen Entry

Kitchen Entry | digitized from slide

Sri Manikanta

Sri Manikanta | digitized from slide

First Temple

First Temple | digitized from slide

Smaller than a Wheel

Smaller than a Wheel | digitized from slide

A Holy River

A Holy River | digitized from slide


Hugging | digitized from slide

  1. I’ve always wanted to travel to India, and it will probably never happen. Love your photos of real life captured in an artistic fashion.

    • Thank you, Elena! I hope my photo’s bring India a bit closer to you; but don’t stop dreaming of visiting India some day!

  2. Love the photo “Small Bus”, especially the woman in that beautiful cream/red dress. Based on what I read of what’s been happening to women there, I wish the lady didn’t get on the crammed small bus…

  3. Malin H said:

    I say: Thank you for sharing from your analogue archive, Harrie.
    Wonderful images in this post!
    “Nervous cooks”… made ​​me very curious. 😉

    I really love the last image, “hugging”. So beautiful!

    • I say: My pleasure, Malin; glad you like them. The nervous cooks had a quiet moment as we were the only people in the restaurant. I’d thought you would like the huggers 🙂

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