India from Slides prt5: On Mysore Market

The Woman in the middle

The Woman in the middle | digitized from slide

Next day we went to Mysore by bus. The bus was crowded. There were also people outside, hanging on the bus. I sat next to an old man with two chickens in a basket. Probably their last trip. Then we arrived in Mysore. The marketplace was huge and crowded. Weird but amazing.

Selling Cubes

Selling Cubes | digitized from slide


Cabbages | digitized from slide

This is me, Stranger

This is me, Stranger | digitized from slide


Assortment | digitized from slide

On a Bike

On a Bike | digitized from slide

Hard colors

Hard colors | digitized from slide

Men at work

Men at work | digitized from slide

Flat Tyre

Flat Tyre | digitized from slide


PlayPlastics | digitized from slide


Bollywood | digitized from slide

Walking on your Shadow

Walking on your Shadow | digitized from slide

  1. crazyguyinthailand said:


  2. crazyguyinthailand said:


  3. I really like the mixture of b&w and color. The colors in the bowls would just not have the impact if in b&w. Thanks for sharing this as the images are full of stories.

    • Thank you, Tim. I started this series in B&W. But in this post were shots that needed color; also for the atmosphere. Nice that you noticed.

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