New Menu Item: Narratives

It's my Choice; No Chance!

It’s my Choice; No Chance! | Minolta 7000i | Sigma 24-70mm.

In Portfolio I published the theme: Narratives today. In this theme I tell a bit more about my fascination for photo’s with some kind of story.

Onder Portfolio heb ik vandaag het thema: Narratives geplaatst. Hierin ga ik iets verder in op wat mij fascineert aan foto’s met een verhaal.

This is an example of a personal story-shot. The Amsterdam architect-bureau, where I used to work in those days, had it’s 10th anniversary. This was celebrated with a great trip to Ladakh in the North of India. When we visited the capital Leh, me and two of my friends left the group to do some photographing in the back-streets. Later on, when we joined the group again, us was told that our behavior had been unacceptable: Nobody leaves the group!
The next morning I got up at 05:30 because I couldn’t sleep at 3500m.. I took a walk in the neighborhood of our hotel and did some photographing. After a while I saw one of those Indian trucks with a lot of personal , religious decoration behind and on the front window. This one was special. While taking some shots, I suddenly realized that I had ‘left the group’ again. No Chance! And I went back to the hotel as fast the thin air would let me.

  1. Malin H said:

    I say: Interesting story πŸ™‚ Makes me smile.

    • I say: Thank you, Malin! It was a fine early morning, on my own; that’s what I need every now and then. And stunning how the words on the truck suited the “incident” of the day before. See you!

      • Malin H said:

        I say: Yes, I thought so too… the words on the truck… See you! πŸ™‚

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