• Yes! I was waiting for prices to drop a little; and then that moment came. My good friend ‘bmupix‘ (take a look if you want to see his great photoblog with a recent post on the A7R), got himself an A7R and his findings and great results also helped me to take the threshold. I didn’t buy the kit-lens and use my manual Zeiss 50mm/F2 on an adapter till I’ve made up my mind about what auto-focus SONY/Zeiss lens I’m gonna get. Now I have to get familiar with this new toy; especially focussing needs more attention at the moment. But the good ones are superb! How are your experiences?

  1. In general terms, the Sony Zeiss 35 is wonderful and there are variable results with adapted lenses, particularly the wider you get, and with Leica glass. And don’t go for cheap adaptors, as precision is needed to have adapted lenses at their best. Many are saying the best performance will probably come from specific Sony Zeiss lenses, and the Zeiss Otus range may be king of them all (if you can afford it and don’t mind the weight).

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips. I had the opportunity to take some shots with the FE 55mm/F1.8 and it is a very good lens. As good as my 50mm. so, I might switch and have the autofocus possibilities. An Otus is out of reach. See you!

  2. Malin H said:

    I say: I just love it.

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