Remains of Graffiti prt2

Remains of Graffiti prt2

Remains of Graffiti prt2 | Nikon D700 | Zeiss Makro-Planar 50mm. f/2 ZF.2 | 1/100 | F8 | ISO 320

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)

  1. Harrie! I really like this one.
    I’m back into the world of photography… friends lend me a little canon digital camera (as you can see, quality not exceptional when it comes to sharpness, but it’s nothing compared to the joy of being out there again 🙂 Another friend lend me an old Leica, going to see if it can be brought back to its old self. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Hanne! Thanks for liking the shot. Glad you are back; I saw your wild waves shots and liked them. It is far better to get inspired ‘out there’, than to sit inside with an awful lot of uninspired pixels. But, ‘old Leica’ sounds very good; hope it can be revived. Happy 2014 for you as well! See you.

      • Thank you much, Harrie! ‘old Leica’ indeed sounds good 🙂 It’s a bit too heavy for my liking for hikes, but I might get used to it… I’ve been looking for a Leica, it’s true, there really is something about it and it showed up on my doorstep. We’ll see. Going through your photos now, always a delight. It’s been a while…

  2. Malin H said:

    I say: Very interesting image. I like the colours too, but I also think that this would also work in b&w. But then… no. I like it as it is! Very much!

    • I say: Thank you, Malin. I have a b&w; but the colored one felt a bit better. See you!

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