The Dutch Woods prt4

Many of us

Many of us | Nikon D700 | Voigtländer 20mm. | 1/100 | F6.3 | ISO 320

Last 19 December I walked around in a recreation-ground just outside Diemen, together with a good friend of mine. He had just received his brand new Sony Alpha A7R and tried it with my Zeiss Planar 50mm F2; while I shot around with his Voigtländer 20mm f/3.5 SL-II. Great results in both cases.

Strange White

Strange White | Nikon D700 | Voigtländer 20mm. | 1/100 | F8 | ISO 400

Standing in Line

Standing in Line | Nikon D700 | Voigtländer 20mm. | 1/640 | F8 | ISO 200

Reaching for Sunbeams

Reaching for Sunbeams | Nikon D700 | Voigtländer 20mm. | 1/200 | F8 | ISO 200

Horizontal and Vertical

Horizontal and Vertical | Nikon D700 | Voigtländer 20mm. | 1/320 | F8 | ISO 200

  1. Björn has a great set. I look forward to what he thinks of it. I like this set of photographs Harrie, especially the second image is very intriguing with that fantastic light.

    • Thank you, Wouter. SONY did it for him: small on the outside; great quality ‘inside’.

  2. beautiful set…woods shot in b/w can be so mysterious…beautiful lighting in these…I love them

  3. Malin H said:

    I say: I like them all, but I have one favourite and that is “Reaching for Sunbeams”.
    And I agree with Peter (lostfunzone); it’s good to have friends.

    • I say: Thanks, Malin. Your favourite shot is more from ‘within’ a tree; ‘from the trees point of view’. And I agree with Peter too.

  4. rondje said:

    Prachtig contrast in zwart-wit! Die tweede is erg fraai met dat ghostly licht!
    Groet, Ron.

  5. I could just live in these images. Masterful! Cheers,

    Autumn Jade

  6. Your black and white landscapes are full of mystery. Beautiful.

  7. Hi there my friend,
    “Strange White” is a fantastic example how a normally unwanted effect (flare) can be used to an advantage. Here it forms a focal point for the converging shadows. I’ve now finally also gotten around to posting some photos from our outing.

    • Thanks Amigo! Yes, that lens of yours provides a very useful flare 🙂

  8. Kenneth said:

    The second and last one. Stunning.

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