Trees from Sweden prt6

The Conductor

The Conductor | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 40mm. | 1/8000 | F6.3 | ISO 1400

This was taken in the Fulufjället Nationalpark; (looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image).

  1. Replicant Core said:

    I love Swedish trees.

    • harrienijland said:

      Me too; Cheers! harrie.

  2. It looks as if it’s monkeys climbing around on the tree.
    But maybe I should take my pills. 😉

  3. my other favorite of this tree series…Excellent!

    • harrienijland said:

      Glad you like’m! Cheers, harrie

  4. It is a pine (Pinus sylvestris). They can stay for a very long time even aften they are dead.. Typical of many national parks in Scandinavia.

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