The Lake and the White Wooden Stripe

The Lake

The Lake | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 24mm. | 1/400 | F5.6 | ISO 200

On the road from Orsa to Idre in Sweden. We stopped near a small lake to have something to eat. It was a quiet place, on a cold, cloudy day. The only warmth came from the little plants.

The Lake and the Stripe

The Lake and the Stripe | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 24mm. | 1/250 | F5.6 | ISO 200

The Stripe

The Stripe | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 24mm. | 1/200 | F5.6 | ISO 200

  1. Wonderful! The last one is very unusual. I like the composition.

    • harrienijland said:

      Thank you! The more abstract the photo; the more colors and textures are going to speak for themselfs, I think.

  2. I agree with Ray Catcher. Very uncommon perspectives. And I really love the great and vibrant colours, too.

    • harrienijland said:

      Thank you; those colors were very intense and beautiful. I sometimes would like to have the ability to fly a little, so that I could shoot straight down from above. But being bound to this globe by gravity, I sometimes point the 24mm. just in front of my feet and make a shot, to get the illusion of being straight above the subject.

  3. Faced with the two images of the white stripe, I immediately start to compare them. While they work well as a set, especially because of the offset centre line of the horizontal photo, overall I find the vertical image stronger. Attention is drawn to the stripe due to its length and the eye travels up it to its end at the water’s edge. There the rather interesting vegetation has triumphed, closing the gap. The water also resolves the shape of the grasses. A very beautiful and well structured image.

    • Hi, Bjorn. Thanks for your well-considered comment. If I had to choose, I also would go for the vertical shot; and for mainly the same reasons as you mentioned in your comment. While reading your comment I realized the following: wordpress fits the photo’s into the lay-out space. Vertical shots are blown-up compared to horizontals. For the shots above this works a little odd. The vertical white stripe looks closer than the horizontal one. But it is the other way around. In my intention the horizontal was meant to be a more abstract composition, with more detail, to put the focus on the colors and the textures. You can see what I mean when you click on one of the shots and compare them in the gallery-pages. So, for me the two shots are less comparable as this first post-page suggests. Have a nice evening!

  4. Hi Harrie,
    Interesting that the display method has such a profound impact on how I perceive these two images. I think you’re right: presenting both photos in the same size (by area) yields the effect you were after. As displayed in the blog, you don’t see the horizontal image as being a detail of the one above.

    • harrienijland said:

      Thanks amigo, for making me realize this. Enjoy the weekend; greetings to L.

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