Safe and Shadow

Safe and Shadow

Safe and Shadow | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 70mm. | 1/1250 | F8 | ISO 200

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image)

  1. Brilliant framing with the dog sandwiched between the elements. He almost looks fragile under the oppressive weight above.

    • Thank you my friend. That was what I intended. By cutting off the trailer it becomes a sort of massive balance. Cheers!

  2. amberafrica said:

    Is there a way to follow you via e-mail subscription as I do not always find time to use the reader? Great photos!

    • Hi. ‘Follow by E-mail’ is visible now; I assume it does what it says; so, you’re welcome! Thanks for the compliment; and I had a great time visiting your blog! See you!

      • amberafrica said:


  3. ulli said:

    A brilliant view for the motif!

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