1. I really like this, Harrie!! Is that a painting on the right, or is it actually fish carcass?? The juxtaposition is great!

    • Thank you very much, Adèle! This was taken on a piece of land that is used as a buffer for overflowing water. It was totally dry that day. The fish carcass was resting on an old matrass that indeed had gotten the qualities of a fine, abstract painting. All I had to do was frame the scene and push the shutter. This is one of my all time fav’s. See you!

  2. Vanni said:

    This is definitely a beautiful image, more than an image an abstract painting.
    Un saluto Vanni

  3. Wow… I find this image amazing. The nuances in the white are especially powerful in the created effect.

    • Thanks Caroline; still don’t know what it means; maybe it’s in this Dire Straits lyrics: “Water of love, deep in the ground; but there ain’t no water here to be found. Some day baby when the river runs free, it’s gonna carry this water of love to me”…

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