New Menu Item: Strange

Waiting for Water

Waiting for Water | Canon Powershot G5 | 40mm. | 1/250 | F5.6 | ISO 100

In Portfolio I published the theme Strange today. In this theme I tell a bit more about what fascinates me in this strange category.

Onder Portfolio heb ik vandaag het thema: Strange geplaatst. Hierin ga ik iets verder in op wat mij fascineert aan het fotograferen van gekke, onverwachte, vraagtekens oproepende onderwerpen.

  1. Like this collage and the new menu item. Looking forward to see more!

    • Thank you! Actually it’s not a collage, but a straight photo. This was taken on a piece of land that is used as a buffer for overflowing water. It was a totally dry period and there was just a little pool in the middle, surrounded by cracked, dry mud and junk. The fish carcass was resting on an old matrass that had gotten the qualities of a fine, abstract painting, just by floating around in the elements for a while. All I had to do was frame the scene and push the shutter. This is one of my all time fav’s. Bye!

  2. Great, So different, although I’m looking for similar forms or struktures on both sides. I can’t find it but it connects the scenery in a strange way. Strange! I like it!

    • Hi, and welcome Christian! The only ‘logic’ connection is that the objects got shaped by a lack of water; but why on earth this was arranged on that time and place I don’t know; I just framed the shot in sheer astonishment and fascination at the same time. See you on your blog and thanks for the visit/comment/follow.

  3. Ah, this is where it all started my friend; makes me wonder why I bother to upgrade my camera. Timeless!

    • Yes, that memorable afternoon in the ‘mud-hole’. May be I’ll do a post on it. The G5 was a nice camera, when there was enough light. It’s also nice that nowadays software is able to get more out of these old JPG’s. Too bad that I didn’t shoot RAW’s then. Have a good weekend!

  4. Marso said:

    I like so much the chance to find resemblances. In this photo, the suggestion of a skeletal fish held in the lines of the cracked earth. Great post!

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