Taking photo’s Together

Taking photo's Together

Taking photo’s Together | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 26mm. | 1/400 | F4 | ISO 800

  1. Really atmospheric! Pictures like this remind me of how much I need to move out of the city and reconnect with nature again. Awesome work!

    • Welcome and thank you, Johannes. Places like this are breathtaking silent. It was a fine afternoon.

      • I can believe! I used to live on the countryside, but moved to city to be closer to work. I really often wish I could be able to move back to where it’s quiet to enough to actually hear you own thoughts.. Maybe some day. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen you tagged this in Spain… really? Which part of it? I’m a Spaniard and I’ve never seen a place like this one in my country! You did such a good job with this picture, I love the reflection of the water 🙂

    • Welcome and thank you for your nice comment. It’s in the North. If you follow the N-230 from Lerida to Benabarre, there is 5km. before Benabarre a road to the right (Ciscar on the roadsign). That will bring you to the Rio Cajigar which will probably be dry. If you follow the dry riverpath on the left side of the road (you can do that by car most of the time) you will reach the barranco in which this shot was taken. It can be almost dry or filled with quite some water. Nice trip!

  3. Nice pic, kind of organic and unexpected with the person in the upper right, aided by reflections and unusual lighting.

    • Thanks Ron. It’s small and goes straight up there; sometimes you have to swim several meters (to tricky with the camera). In the afternoon the sunlight comes in, which is great.

  4. Liana said:

    The yellow is so surprising here…like lemon in water (always)… this would be a great shot without it, but it’s even more wonderful with it. Love this.

    • Hi, Liana. The water is muddy and most of the time shallow, with very fine, ochre clay particles; that also cover the bottom. This reflects the sunlight ‘yellow’ on the canyon-sides. Thanks for your fine comment.

  5. rondje said:

    Geweldig shot, dat licht links op het water is magisch, maar dat lijkt me daar rondlopen sowieso, groet, Ron

    • Helemaal waar. Dit jaar niet geweest; te link. Het kan zo snel vol lopen dat je er niet meer uit komt. Groet!

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