Water prt22, from a Weir.

From a Weir prt1

From a Weir prt1 | Canon Powershot G5 | 100mm. | 1/40 | F5.6 | ISO 100

Water. We Dutch like to control it; doesn’t always work out well; but we are pretty good at it. Sometimes it also looks good.

From a Weir prt2

From a Weir prt2 | Canon Powershot G5 | 35mm. | 1/30 | F5.6 | ISO 100

From a Weir prt3

From a Weir prt3 | Canon Powershot G5 | 85mm. | 1/60 | F5.6 | ISO 100

  1. you made this image almost 9 years ago , still a nice piece. For me the last one. The duality or contrast between in motion flow and the flow at steady state.

    • These are ‘all-time-favorites’. Because of the special moment then. Holiday; the kids were finding out what little creatures were living in a pool; my love lost in a book; and I started to shoot whatever the scenery was offering. And then I got grabbed by the water-flow passing a small weir. Focussed on something new. Also nice to see what nowadays software can get out of these old JPG’s.

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