Tercui prt11

New Floor for the Attic

New Floor for the Attic

It wasn’t all holiday; there was work to be done as well. Last year I started to construct a wooden floor in the attic. Nothing was straight up there so it took a lot of time to get things water-level. This year we finished level-zero.

New Floor for the Attic prt2

New Floor for the Attic prt2

Self designed Equipement

Self designed Equipement

New Floor for the Attic prt3

New Floor for the Attic prt3

New Floor for the Attic prt4

New Floor for the Attic prt4

  1. emhaeu said:

    Oh, I know such work very well – we did something similar some years ago in Asturias – nothing was straight up there ….. we worked all in all 10 years ….

    • Yes, it takes a lot of time; especially on hot (30+) days. The next step is to go up a level of 40cm. and construct boxes with build-in-beds and sit-possibilities. This idea came when when we found out that there wasn’t enough construction-space for the wooden floor in front of the wall you can see in prt3. We are not done yet; as you can tell… Cheers, and thanks for your comment.

  2. nannus said:

    So you have a house there? Nice!

    The wall behind looks interesting on that first picture (yellowish structures on dark background). I don’t know if it looks interesting when you make some closeup.

    • It’s not my house, unfortunately; it’s my sister’s. The yellowish structures are expanding-foam-forms. My son filled the wholes in between the piled stones of the outside wall with that stuff; as a sort of isolation. I never looked at it with an artistic eye. I will next year, before we nail a woodwork in front of it. Cheers, harrie.

      • nannus said:

        Your sister is lucky to have a brother and a nephew who can do that work for her 🙂
        If it is foam, I am not so sure it will look interesting from nearby. I However, maybe expanding foam on old walls is the top new artistic medium for abstract photography of the future 🙂

  3. What a hugh job! Looks great! (Your back must be kiling you, though…)

    • Hi and thanks. Yes it’s quite a job in that heat; and not being able to stand straight is not so fine for the back. But I like to solve complex matters; so in the end it feels good; and it looks good as well. See you.

  4. Jeanette said:

    Hè lieve broer,
    De Attic ziet er goed uit, ben benieuwd hoe het er in het echt uitziet, maar zo krijg ik al een mooi beeld met die prachtige foto’s van je. Bedankt, liefs, Jeanette

    • Ha lieve zus! In het echt ziet het er nog mooier uit; en ruimer. (Harm had nog een idee om de hoge opstap van de laatste trede te niveleren met extra tegels op de onderliggende treden.) Nog 3 weekjes slapen… Buenas noches.

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