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  1. Hi harrie , I like to watch and to observe this photograph made by you. I put it on a larger screen for a long time while I am preparing my meeting for the next day. To me, it has character , content and beauty. The more I observe , the more i wanna be on that place to.

    The edges or composition never stops. It is asking for more to see and that I like. The blue is not dominant and therefore subtle represents its title. Is the lava taking over the lagoon or the lagoon taking over the lava. Therefore I believe your image size is perfect. You let me guide from the down corner to the upper one to observe the details. After some moments and steered by the lava ,I observe the two people. They gave me a kind of proportion or dimension ; A sense of reality.

    Impressive , you used a short shutter speed , still I observe a lovely kind of motion or movement. Maybe because of that, I have the impression the lagoon is taking over or at least taken part to form the landscape. On large print this will work to , i believe. This because the black lava is not too dominant. For me this photograph is screaming to print on a large scale.

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