Around the Blue Lagoon prt2

Around the Blue Lagoon prt2

Around the Blue Lagoon prt2 | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 24mm. | 1/800 | F8 | ISO 640

Around the Blue Lagoon prt2

Around the Blue Lagoon prt2 | Nikon D700 | Nikkor 24-70mm. f/2.8G ED | 24mm. | 1/500 | F8 | ISO 640

  1. Nicholas Herbert said:

    Its an amazing place.

  2. hello Harrie , In the reader of WP, I could only see the first image. My first impression was, brrr ‘ death walk’ :). Later on , I saw the tags and the title ( I am always looking first to the image) . It must be beautiful to see a blue lagoon and its impact of the lava. The first one is my favorite one.

    We do have something in common. I was on Lanzarote in Spain , the volcano island against the blue sky. It is not that easy to make photographs with such kind of high contrast scenery. During day time, the sun kills all kind of lava structures and during the evening , they are gone to. But you made it , nice. This is why i press ‘like’

    grt Bart

    • Harrie said:

      Tanks for pressing, Bart. When I visit unfamiliar places like this, I first need some time to grow accustomed to them. At first there are so much new, exciting impressions that I go ‘out of my mind’ and start shooting around like a madman. Later on, preferably after a coffee or a beer, I ‘come to my senses’ again. The place somehow has become part of me a little bit and I start to make better photo’s; more characteristic for the situation and more Harrie. Wander if you recognize this.

      • That is funny , the same way I experience my shots on my trips. I visit, explore the people and scenery and even go back the day after to start taken my images. I make notes every day.

        After a year or two , I am actually starting to present these images which are then representing my story. You could day , our work might be like cheese 🙂 . It becomes ready to consume when its ready , patient and content are the ingredients. Someone told me that photographers are acting like wine. That is not true because wine can be consumed fresh and will becoming better over time. Art Photographers’ work can not be consumed fresh but the images will become Art after some time . They will not becoming better over time , just ready to present. At least that is what I believe.

        What I most recognize Harrie , is that all your work is yours. I remember my first comment and my last. I can remember or recall them easily because all images are yours. That I recognized. the most.

    • Harrie said:

      Thank you, and welcome. It was a weird, exciting place.

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