1. The depth in this photograph is special.

  2. Harrie said:

    Thanks. Feels a bit like 2 layers.

    • hello harrie, not in a sense of PS layer , not at all, I believe. This is much better: ) The depth still reflects to the rusted boat , because you added the ‘blue see’ behind. All is balanced in the correct proportions ;

  3. Harrie said:

    Hi. Thats funny; I didn’t have PS in mind when I used the word layers. What I meant was that there isn’t much depth in the background in a sense of bigger, sharper, more detailed objects nearby, slowly fading away into an unsharp far distance. So there is a sharp, very detailed T in the front and a blurred background, giving hints.

    • I am on the same page . But you know me almost 🙂 , i like the hints part of all your images. I believe your work bears often your story more then a personal reflections form each viewer separately. I remember very good my first comment on your work. Somehow I recognize . I also remember your comment to mine , that was revealing for my work. For that reason I appreciate to interact with your work and love to debate about the content. Of course and as always with a lot of respect. See you soon . grt Bart

      • Harrie said:

        The respect is on both sides. Let’s keep interacting and debating; for me it’s inspiring and it keeps things fresh and sharp. Cheers, harrie

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