1. Hallo my friend; this is my favorite of the series. There’s a wonderful subtlety to this low key image: no bright spots distract from the station’s structure receding into the light. Absolutely excellent!

    • Harrie said:

      Amigo! Took some photo’s after all. The bright spot is in the 2nd one. I tried it as a lonely contrast; but I prefer prt4 as well, for the reasons you subscribed so accurate. I also like the first one a lot.

  2. bird said:

    I agree! This one s the MOST beautiful one … although they are all really nice!

    • Harrie said:

      Thank you! I should stroll around in stations at midnight after a few good beers more often. I also like the first one because of it’s strange silence, caused by the hard lightspots in the cyan upper half and the more linear, soft light in the lower half.

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