Boeketreeks? prt1

Boeketreeks? prt1 | Nikon D700 | Zeiss Makro-Planar 50mm. f/2 ZF.2 | 1/3200 | F2 | ISO 200

Na bloed, gevangenis en zerken even iets vrolijks. Op mijn ontmoetingstocht door blog-land, ben ik soms bij mensen die alleen foto’s maken met een I-Phone o.i.d.. Niks mis mee. Geheel ongedwongen je vrijheid fotograferen, zonder je te laten beperken door zaken als vignetting; scherpte-diepte; rechte horizonnen; onscherpte; flare; etc. kan een prachtige ‘on the road’-sfeer opleveren, waar ik erg van houd. Het wordt anders als de I-phone op bloemen of landschappen gericht wordt. Zoveel subtiele schoonheid kunnen die mobieltjes simpelweg niet aan. En dat is jammer. Talent verdient een goede lens. Om te laten zien wat ik bedoel, wat fleurige foto’s waarbij het vooral om de onscherpe achtergrond; jawel: de bokeh, gaat. Leve Zeiss!

After blood, prison and tombstones, time for some joy. While strolling through blog-land, I sometimes meet people who only use their cell-phone for photographing. Nothing wrong with that. To photograph your freedom unchained, without bothering about vignetting; depth of field; straight horizons; sharpness; flare; or whatever, can lead to great ‘on the road’ shots, that I like very much. Things get different when the cell-phone is aimed at colorful flowers or landscapes. The subtle beauty in these subjects is just simply too much for a cell-phone. Pity. Talent deserves a good lens. To show what I mean, some blooming shots, with special attention for the unsharp background; yes, there it is: the bokeh. Praise Zeiss!

Boeketreeks? prt2

Boeketreeks? prt2 | Nikon D700 | Zeiss Makro-Planar 50mm. f/2 ZF.2 | 1/3200 | F2 | ISO 200

Boeketreeks? prt3

Boeketreeks? prt3 | Nikon D700 | Zeiss Makro-Planar 50mm. f/2 ZF.2 | 1/2500 | F2 | ISO 200

Boeketreeks? prt4

Boeketreeks? prt4 | Nikon D700 | Zeiss Makro-Planar 50mm. f/2 ZF.2 | 1/800 | F2 | ISO 200

Boeketreeks? prt5

Boeketreeks? prt5 | Nikon D700 | Zeiss Makro-Planar 50mm. f/2 ZF.2 | 1/640 | F2 | ISO 200

  1. The use of the full depth of field throws out the point of the image beautifully. I love the way the out of focus background contributes to the whole image. You are right it all comes down to the lens quality . . . plus the guy behind it of course!!!

    • Thank you, Nicholas. But I know the guy behind for so long now…

      • The guy behind the lens – that’s what counts! I really enjoy getting your posts Harrie, I look forward to the next.

        • I agree with you, Nicholas; and, the same for me. Cheers, harrie.

  2. You were right, Harrie. I like these photos very much. Love that short DOF.

    • Harrie said:

      Thank you. This Zeiss looks a little bit softer than your old 85mm.; or may be you’re a bit more drastic on the computer while editing. See you.

      • I did a high pass filter on that particular photo, which does make the sharp edges sharper.

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