1. Björn said:

    Brilliant shot, my friend. Not only do the out-of-focus branches make a beautiful pattern they are reminiscent of contrails.

  2. Harrie said:

    Thank you, amigo. You’ve got the picture; and the funny thing is, that the airplane itself did not have a contrail. To be honest; I wasn’t aware of this at the moment that I took the shot. Actually I was in a hurry to get a shot with a crisp sharp, white plain in contrast with vague, white branches; because the plain was moving away. And a second thought was: can I shoot ‘through’ a branch, when it’s extremely out of focus. For the human eye there was just a thin branch covering part of the plain. The association with contrails came at home, when I was in front of the computer with a nice, hot cup of coffee, watching the catch of the day. Cheers!

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